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The Future of Food

Food is about connection.

It connects us to each other, to nature, to culture and to the economy around us. It affects our health, our moods and even our ability to learn.

The future of food, therefore, has impacts on the future of everything else we care about, and in particular on the sustainability of our climate and ecosystems.

Right now much of the food we consume is making us unhealthy and unhappy while simultaneously destroying the sustainability of the ecology humans have always relied on. How can we turn this around?

This session of Think|Act|Change will bring together leaders in food innovation and sustainability to share their insights on where things are moving and how to make a food system that is better for us and for the world.

  • Confirmed speakers:
  • David Carter, CEO Austral Fisheries, the world’s most sustainable and first carbon neutral fisher;
  • Erica Hughes, Founder and CEO, Farmer Meets Foodie;
  • Ankit Chopra, Co-founder, Eat Me Chutney;
  • Tim Silverwood, Co-founder, Ocean Impact Organisation, and;
  • Alana Mann, Chief Investigator of FoodLab Sydney and the Associate Professor and Chair of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney.

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