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Tech For Good

As technology rapidly advances entrepreneurs are exploring the cutting edge of how to harness it to make a difference. New technologies are driving changes in healthcare, transparency, resource management and sustainability.

From blockchain to 3D printing, robotics to AI, clean energy to self-driving cars and beyond to things most of us can’t yet imagine, there are incredible opportunities just beyond the horizon.

This event will give us a glimpse over that horizon and let us meet some of the entrepreneurs who are working at the edge of what’s possible in order to create a better future.

Speakers include:

  • Nick Byrne, co-founder and Director of Typehuman, a public interest technology studio.
  • Nitin Fernandez, co-founder of Maslow, a voice enabled assistant to support carer and rehabilitation management for young people with paralysis in their home;
  • Lucinda Hartley, co-founder and CEO, Neighbourlytics, a platform for on-demand data and insights into the quality of life and wellbeing of places;
  • Lily Dempster, founder and CEO, One Small Step, a fitness-style smartphone app that supports you to live an environmentally healthy life.

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