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Pyrmont Community Garden

Pyrmont Community Garden Or ‘Guy’s Ghost House Garden’ is a familiar sight to the residents of Pyrmont and surrounds. 

True to its name, the beauty of this garden is that the entire community gets to enjoy the bounty of this creation. 

Supported by Bendigo Bank / Darling Square Community Bank, this garden is entirely organic and has a large variety of different types of herbs and vegetables used for cooking. 

It was started by Guy DiBenetto – who came to Australia in the early 50s. 

As a Sicilian who had always been surrounded by homegrown food and whose family mostly lived off the land, he initially continued the tradition of growing food in his backyard and thoroughly enjoys the process of mindfully creating food sustainably. 

The sheer variety of herbs available here is good enough to compete with a small organic grocer’s collection. The food in the Pyrmont Community Garden includes curry leaves, Turmeric leaves, Gardenia, Greek Basil which grows all year round, and oregano. There’s also Rocket, Lettuce, Turmeric, Curry leaves and Habanero chilli – if you’re inclined towards the spicier sort!

The garden also included Goji berries – this variety doesn’t make a lot of berries. Still, you can use the leaves to make soup. Also, you can expect to find Ginger plants, Bamboo, Russian Tarragon, French Tarragon, Fresh radish, Chives, and garlic chives, horseradish, and his personal favourite, lemon myrtle. 

Herbs from all parts of the world are grown here, and the community makes use of these without restriction. 

Reminiscent of his past, Guy remembers his father as a great gardener and someone from who he learned a lot.

For Guy personally, it’s the friendships and the community around him that inspires and encourages his efforts. 

Guy’s Ghost House Garden is truly a garden for everyone. From the people who come by for fresh herbs for cooking to the out-of-town visitors who strike up conversations with him about gardening, growing plants, and the eclectic mix of herbs available. 

For Guy, he’s only too happy to share this knowledge and wisdom and continues to bring a spirit of community and camaraderie that makes this place both unique and inspiring.

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