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Pyrmont Care Latest News

Saying Goodbye to Pyrmont while Keeping the Spirit Alive: A Recap of Recent Events by Pyrmont Cares

Change is a natural part of life, and sometimes it leads us to new chapters that we hadn’t anticipated. In July, Pyrmont’s vibrant community waved goodbye to one of its long-standing members, Peter Devoy. Alongside his wife Helen, Peter bid farewell to Pyrmont to be closer to family. Having been deeply involved in the Pyrmont community for years, their departure left an undeniable mark. However, it’s not a complete farewell, as Peter’s commitment to Pyrmont Cares remains unaltered. In fact, he was re-elected as the President of Pyrmont Cares Inc (PCI) during the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in July.

The farewell gathering held at the Blue Eye Dragon was a heartwarming event, attended by over 120 friends and colleagues. The party not only celebrated Peter and Helen’s contributions but also showcased the strong bonds within the Pyrmont community. Muriel from Blue Eye Dragon played a pivotal role as both the event’s host and Master of Ceremonies, ensuring that the evening was both memorable and meaningful.

Highlights from the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM was a pivotal event for Pyrmont Cares, reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and laying the groundwork for the future. The Treasurer’s report revealed that while the organization maintains an adequate bank balance, it has been facing cash-negative situations due to increased expenses, particularly the rising depot rent. This underscores the significance of sponsors and donors in ensuring Pyrmont Cares’ continued operations without depleting its resources.

With pride, the President noted the influx of new volunteers, acknowledging their valuable contributions. A heartfelt thank you was extended to the volunteers for their unwavering dedication. Notably, the event was an opportunity to express gratitude to the sponsors that make Pyrmont Cares’ work possible. Raine and Horne City Living, Main On Constructions, Pride Electrical, and Christmas in Pyrmont were acknowledged for their pivotal support.

Welcoming New Faces and Renewed Commitments

Every year, the AGM sets the stage for electing the Committee Members for the upcoming year. The President’s annual report highlighted the remarkable commitment of the existing committee members, whose dedication ensures the smooth functioning of Pyrmont Cares. The new Committee for 2023/24 was introduced, featuring familiar names as well as a fresh addition.

The Committee now comprises:

Eric Hensley, the new addition, brings with him a wealth of experience and a desire to give back to the community. His involvement with Pyrmont Cares underscores the organization’s appeal to individuals looking for opportunities to make a positive impact.

  • President: Peter Devoy
  • Vice President: Muriel Chen
  • Treasurer: David Rice
  • Secretary: Michele Jackson
  • Ordinary Members: Paul Limmer, Howard Houliston, Anne Morphett, Pam Houliston, Vic Dorsen, Eric Hensley

Embracing the Festive Spirit: Christmas in Pyrmont

Christmas in Pyrmont is an eagerly anticipated annual fair that unites residents, promoting a sense of community while raising funds for local charities. This year, the event will take place at Refinery Square on Sunday, November 26th from 10am – 4pm., and promises a day of joy, featuring markets, live music, children’s activities, and more. Pyrmont Cares is honored to be one of the local charities benefitting from the funds raised during this event.

The Quest for Support Continues

Pyrmont Cares’ quest to support the community requires consistent engagement with the public, and this year, social media and local newsletters have played a pivotal role in rallying support. The organization expresses deep gratitude to its donors, acknowledging their contributions while emphasizing the ongoing need for certain items in short supply. Particularly, small furniture items like coffee tables, chests of drawers, TV stands, sofas, and dining tables are in high demand to cater to the needs of apartment dwellers.

Calling All IT Enthusiasts

As Pyrmont Cares relies on technology for its day-to-day operations, it’s actively seeking individuals with IT expertise to support its IT Manager and Committee Member, Howard Houliston. If you possess skills in PHP, HTML, Squarespace, or Google Workspace administration, your contribution could be invaluable to the organization’s smooth functioning.

Mark Your Calendars: Annual Social Dinner

Don’t miss out on the upcoming Annual Social Dinner, where sponsors, members, volunteers, family, and friends come together for an evening of good food, wine, and camaraderie. You can even reserve a table for a shared Taiwanese banquet and a bottle of wine between two guests. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate community and show your support for Pyrmont Cares.

$98pp for shared Taiwanese Banquet and a bottle of wine between two guests.

Book your tickets/table here: PCI 2023 Thank You Dinner

In conclusion, Pyrmont Cares continues to be a beacon of community spirit, rallying volunteers, sponsors, and donors to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Despite farewells, the spirit of Pyrmont endures through the dedication of individuals like Peter Devoy and the committed team behind Pyrmont Cares.

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