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Pivot on Purpose

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the future is uncertain.

Just in the last six months business-as-usual has been rocked by fires, pandemics and a global reckoning on racial justice.

Who knows what 2021, or even the rest of 2020, will bring!

That’s why it is crucial for every organisation to be getting ready for that future by developing the skills and mindset of Pivotability.

What is Pivotability?

It’s the ability to pivot mindfully and in the pursuit of your purposeful goals. It’s about being cognizant of technology and political trends which are changing the culture. It’s about setting a course, not just being forced by events to make rapid adaptations – although you will probably be forced to do this too.

It’s about Pivoting on Purpose.

This masterclass brings together experts and practitioners on the art and science of Pivotability.

Think|Act|Change is proud to present a free panel discussion and short talks on the first day of Pivot on Purpose, Tuesday July 28.

This event features three short talks and a panel discussion exploring how entrepreneurs adapted to COVID, what they see coming next and the mindsets of Pivotability.

You’ll hear inspiring stories of adaption and survival, ideas about the future of food, fashion, enterprise and the Black Lives Matters movement and examples of how we can all build a mindset and toolkit for Pivotability!

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