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Introducing Fusion Culture Group

Bringing people together

Founded in 2011, Fusion Culture Group is a community project based in Sydney. Its goal is to bring people together through interactive activities including laughter work-outs, magic acts, trying different cuisines, and dancing.

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Connecting cultures through activities

Fusion Culture Group offers a unique platform for people to build friendships and create new connections. By embracing an open-mind, participants in their programs nurture camaraderie, confidence and a sense of belonging. This is particularly helpful for many members who view Australia as their ‘adopted home’.

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Encouraging meaningful and fun learning

When what you learn is integrated into familiar everyday situations, that’s where the fun begins. Fusion offers tai chi classes to share about Chinese culture with local Australians, and English classes to help Chinese people feel closer to their adopted home. Other activities include elements of drama, magic, music and laughter. They are unique in design, where through the encouragement of movement and creativity, traditional barriers of language are broken down without using words.

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Meet the founder, Sylvia Liu

Affectionately nicknamed “Little Frog”, Sylvia Liu founded Fusion Culture Group in 2011. Channeling her energy into connecting people and bringing cultures together, Sylvia has grown her organisation over the years. Whole-heartedly, she embraces the joy of learning, warmth of friendship, excitement of achievement, and fulfilment of helping others.

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