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NewsIntroducing CASS Care

Introducing CASS Care

Serving migrants and the wider community

Founded in 1981, CASS Care is a community services provider assisting people of all ages in Metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong. Knowing that life in a different country can be difficult and lonely (especially at an older age), CASS serves many people from an East Asian background, including Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean.

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At every stage of people’s lives

Every week, more than 5,000 families experience CASS Care’s activities. Parents enjoy affordable, good quality child care services in learning centres located in Campsie, Hurstville and St Leonards. From 0 to 12 years old, children are led through educational and development programs that improve their connection with the community, their effectiveness as communicators, and their sense of identity.

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Comprehensive range of social and welfare services

Across all of its services, including Residential Aged Care, Disabliity, Restorative Care, and Vocation & Training, CASS adopts people-centric approaches. With a culture of respect, acceptance and empowerment, events such as dinner parties, ZOOM activity groups, International Day of People with Disability celebration dances, and Music Therapy sessions are held.

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Meet the founder, Henry Pan OAM

Coming to Australia in 1970 to pursue his engineering studies, Henry’s international move from Singapore played a part in his desire to assist people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Founding CASS Care in 1981, Henry has since nurtured a strong team of passionate staff members and volunteers, and along the way, inspired many to be an active part of the multicultural Australian society.

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