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NewsCity of Sydney’s Revitalisation Plan for Haymarket

City of Sydney’s Revitalisation Plan for Haymarket

The City of Sydney announced a A$44 million revitalisation plan for Haymarket and Chinatown, Koreatown & Thaitown, Sydney CBD’s most visited districts for dining, nightlife and entertainment. Read more on the City of Sydney Haymarket and Chinatown Revitalisation Strategy which includes these top 5 key focus areas:

  • Renewal of the heart
  • Planning and heritage
  • Public domain and public art
  • Culture, events and activations
  • Collaboration and partnerships

Capitol Theatre before / after (images: City of Sydney)

Harbour Street before / after (images: City of Sydney)

Haymarket’s iconic Chinatown is the largest and oldest in Australia and is well known as a place pioneer Chinese-Australians settled. Steeped in more than two centuries of history, visitors to Chinatown are greeted by the two traditionally carved gates, called Paifang on Dixon Street, which spell a verse, “Within the four seas all men are brothers”.

Sussex Street before / after (images: City of Sydney)
Home to the Community Bank Darling Square, the Haymarket district is a vibrant cultural hub, hosting festivals and events that celebrate the diversity of Chinese and Asian cultures. The Haymarket Alliance, a collective of local businesses and community organisations has upped the ante on the district using innovative integrated marketing strategy like the Visit Haymarket platform.

A not-for-profit community organisation, The Haymarket Alliance is run by passionate individuals who are dedicated to telling the stories of this fascinating precinct. Funded by Investment NSW as part of the Uptown Accelerator Program, the organisation is made up of members including Haymarket HQ, Haymarket Chamber of Commerce, Community Bank Darling Square – Bendigo Bank branch, Soul of Chinatown, Market City, Revelism & other community members.

Visit Haymarket often showcases businesses who offer night time trade like restaurants, bars and karaoke bars via its media channels. Visit their website at or follow them on Instagram @visithaymarket to learn more about what’s new.

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